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Quality Assurance

The only way to go from a viable production phase of this industry is to establish rigid standards, that must be adhered to in order to assure quality and consistency of product. Our goal is to establish “The Standard” for the highest quality Ostrich products.

The Ostrich Quality Assurance Program (OQA) is used in conjunction with the AOA Registered Trademarks. The purpose of this program is to offer producers the knowledge and training to establish and adhere to standards of quality assurance in our industry. This program was established to inform the public (our customers) that we are raising ostrich responsibly and in compliance with all governmental agencies. Our industries’ continuing success depends on always securing the customers’ trust for the safety needed to produce a healthy and enjoyable eating experience.

Ostrich producers that adopt the standards of OQA have an advantage in terms of market access by being able to label their meat as being sourced and produced in the United States. Food safety - or the perception of it - plays a major role in the buying decisions of health conscious consumers as well as food service establishments all across the country. Producers that don’t consider the advantage of this program may find their future marketing options limited when competing with those that do.

“Made in the USA” is the fuel for the growing farm to fork movement prevalent across America today. As the public becomes more environmentally conscious, agricultural practices that affect air and water, as well as animal welfare is being closely scrutinized in an unprecedented manner. Although these factors may or may not directly affect the safety and quality of ostrich, they impact public perception, which can alter consumer acceptance of products in general, ours included.

OQA is a system of sensible management practices that will further strengthen consumer confidence in ostrich products. Adopting these principles is a proactive way to implement a philosophy of top quality management into our industry and address both quality and safety issues.

OQA can help you become a more competitive producer and should give you better results in your production. Your active participation in this program is beneficial to building up the world’s image of ostrich originating from the United States and that comes full circle right back to you in the marketplace. OQA requires program participants to follow regulatory guidelines for product use and to use the best management practices outlined in this training data. All practices are based on accepted scientific knowledge to assure safety and quality from the producer to the consumer.

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