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American Ostrich Association logoThe American Ostrich Association (AOA) founded in 1988, is member driven and is the recognized national trade association for the American Ostrich Industry. With a membership consisting of many small and mid-size ranchers, we have a collective voice that is part of any national dialogue concerning livestock and a seat at that table for discussion. Our members have created an industry with consistent growth, a bright future, quality products and a desire to leave a lasting legacy.

What We Do:

Our members raise Ostrich, plenty of them. Ostrich is an alternative livestock that's in demand.

Ostrich 2.0 - A New Chapter

ostrichMembers of the American Ostrich Association reach out to other members through networking, periodic seminars, webinars (new) and regional meetings. Beginning ranchers have a resource by connecting with experienced ranchers to have technical discussions and finding their way to the marketplace that provides income for their investment of time and money. The American Ostrich Industry provides education, answers to questions and discussions regarding the unique characteristics of the ostrich. Through media opportunities, the public continues to learn how ostrich has become the alternative livestock for the American farmer as well as a healthy red meat on the dinner table and in selected restaurants. The old chapter is closed. The days of the unrealistic breeder market is gone and ostrich have developed into an alternative agricultural commodity. Welcome to Ostrich 2.0.

The American Ostrich Association is proud of these accomplishments:

  • Ostrich has been recognized by the USDA and was included for the first time in the 2002 Agriculture Census.
  • Ostrich has been recognized by the NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan.
  • The National Farm Bureau recognizes ostrich as a "commodity" and has representatives from across the country included in their commodity meetings and reporting.
  • The USDA now includes ostrich under the Mandatory Inspection Regulations at slaughter facilities.

On-Going for 2018:

  • Continuing to locate and educate meat processing plants on behalf of our members.
  • Assisting members in using our registered trademarks: Certified American Ostrich™ on meat labels and leather products.
  • Locating quality Farmer's Markets on behalf of our members and providing the use of the Association logo in advertising
  • The new Search Feature "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR" has been installed. Find  Business Members by what they do or produce or by their name.
  • In 2018 the Association hopes to have completed national and regional discounts for items that ostrich ranchers use regularly.
  • The continuing recruiting of new ostrich ranchers and bringing the resources of the Association to them.

We're Here For You!

The American Ostrich Association is here for our members. We want them to have the information they need, the representation they want and the success they deserve. The growth of our industry is dependent on the growth of our membership and the financial success of each of our members.